Within our social responsibility program, we aim to cover as many aspects as possible to create a positive impact on society and the environment, these include charitable work, education, working to help foster an entrepreneurial spirit within young people and encouraging all of our staff to consider environmentally friendly and sustainable working conditions.

The focus for the business is within three areas:

Many of our directors and staff actively support local charities, often volunteering in an advisory capacity or helping with fundraising initiatives.

Our education and young people’s program leads staff to be involved with a number of the regions schools & colleges, running lectures and mentoring students interested in a wide range of business careers.

We understand that every business has an important role to play in preserving and protecting the environment. We are committed to pursuing our business activities with integrity, always behaving ethically, and ensuring we protect the environment and engage in positive ways with our local communities.

In the community

We play an active part within our communities by maintaining a local office presence, when the industry standard model is to centralise into the cities, it has a demonstrable effect on developing the local economies. We employ local people who live within the communities they serve as they understand the issues that the clients are facing. As well as the environmental impact this has with shorter commutes, it allows us to build relationships within these communities and this has helped our success and development as a business.

We actively look to recruit young people and school leavers via business administration apprenticeships training them to have the key core skills to work within an office environment, then those who have the ability and desire are able to move on to more specialised roles within the business and where appropriate to study.


Being a professional service the environmental impact is of a minimum however we still work towards minimising the impact that we do have on the Environment. As a growing business we regularly review our impact and look to develop ways to be able to implement new schemes within the business.

  • Where possible we always buy from local suppliers near to each office which reduces the amount of travel for the item and also supports the local economy.
  • We have implemented a ‘RRR’ scheme allowing us to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.
  • Turn off when not in use policy

Our people

The relationship we have with our employees is of the utter most importance to us as a business, along with attracting and retaining the right people who will deliver the level of service that our clients have become accustomed to, this is key to our success.

We offer training and development opportunities to all employees. In nurturing talent from all backgrounds this helps us to grow our own and bring out the best in people. We have a number of people within the business that have developed during their time with the business.